Close Season

Harlaw and Threipmuir are now closed, no fishing is allowed on either reservoir. We open again on the 1st of April 2020.


Threipmuir overflowing.

Following the slightly destructive and certainly impressive downpour earlier this week the reservoirs are full and overflowing. Unfortunately the deluge and recent sun hasn't been good for the fishing - its really hard fishing this week.

Harlaw is to the top of the banks and you'll find your back cast severely hampered. We've temporarily stopped fishing from the dam wall as this area is very close to the path. We expect fishing to be available there later next week as the level drops. The south shore of Harlaw is heavily wooded and there is shade and deep water close in. Wellies would be a good idea, but wading would be dangerous as the banks really drop away steeply. You should be able to cover plenty of fish by roll casting. However, they are very difficult at the moment. 

We expect conditions to improve as the colour drops out of the water and the returns to normal. The levels of the reservoirs are managed for various purposes, such as flood prevention and energy generation, see Harlaw Hydro. Due to active management we've seen a drop of about a foot over the last 4 days.

Harlaw, looks pretty when its full, but the fishing can be a challenge!


Thanks to Nigel Duncan for the video.

1st to 15th June 2019

Rainbow/Blue trout : taken 85 : returned 200 : total 285

Brown trout : taken 2 : returned 13 : total 15

Total fish caught : 300

Total number of anglers: 305

The numbers are as accurate as possible, all anglers must complete a catch return, but sometimes there are errors or omissions.

Changeable weather conditions are perhaps the reason for a fall in the catch rate this last couple of weeks. The fishery is still being stocked regularly, and the total number of fish in the reservoir is climbing when compared to the numbers of fish being removed. We are expecting the catch rate to improve with the weather. 


Mr Ross Archibald (apologies if we got the name wrong, but hard to read on the permit) has won the prize draw for May 2019. He completed a catch return and was entered into the prize draw along with all the other complete catch returns for May. A visiting Day Permit angler drew the winning permit, and the box was held by Malleny Bailiff, Davie Sinclair. The club general secretary will be in touch Mr Archibald with details of how to claim your free fly fishing permit.

15th to 31st May 2019

Rainbow/Blue trout : taken 94 : returned 349 : total 443

Brown trout : taken 1 : returned 38 : total 39

Total fish caught : 482

Total number of anglers: 306

The numbers are as accurate as possible, all anglers must complete a catch return, but sometimes there are errors or omissions.

Numbers of rainbows was up on the previous report, brownies were down.