Close Season

Harlaw and Threipmuir are now closed, no fishing is allowed on either reservoir. We open again on the 1st of April 2020.

Our hardworking, professional and most appreciated volunteer bailiff's have the option of claiming a nominal fuel allowance to cover their costs when bailiffing. Some of that money is unclaimed and instead the bailiffs choose a charity to donate the funds to. This year Malleny Anglers and the Bailiffs have donated towards Harlaw Footbridge Improvements, Friends of the Pentlands and most recently, Balerno Village Trust (BVT).

Keith Taylor, Chair at BVT wrote: 

I am writing on behalf of the Balerno Village Trust to thank you for the kind donation (£87.50). The money will go into our recent initiative the 'Community Chest' which supports local groups with small grants. The project runs in partnership with Currie and Balerno Rotary Club and in the first year will have handed out £6000 to local deserving causes.

You can read more about The Balerno Village Trust's Community Chest here

Keith Taylor, Chair of Balerno Village Trust accepting the MAA Bailiff donation from MAA club secretary, Alan Holbrook.

As the photo shows, Bob Armstrong was delighted to draw the winning April permit from club secretary, Alan Holbrook's lucky dip box.

Bob [probably] says the winning permit put up a good fight before he managed to land it, one handed.

Alan's lucky dip box was well stocked with completed catch returns - thank you to all of you who completed your returns this month.

The first winner of the Free Fly Fishing Day Permit for April 2018 is Mr G Doyle, Edinburgh. Permit Number 23104 purchased early April 2018.

The club will try to contact you Mr Doyle, or if reading this please feel free to contact us. You have won a free day permit, and hopefully it will be a bit warmer when you visit this time!

Looking back through the catch returns for the first 13 days we've been open so far this years shows a mixed story, well over 150 fish reported, rainbow trout and brown trout.

There have been blanks and low returns for some and others have been reporting captures of 8, 9 and even double figures numbers of fish. 

Lots of fish returned and we have already had several stockings on the two reservoirs this year so there are plenty of fish to catch. The weather has been cold and we even had to delay a stocking due to heavy snow fall on the banks and approach roads. 

Forecast is warmer for the coming week.

We are open, at last the 1st of April! Plenty of anglers around Harlaw and even a few on Threipmuir this morning despite a covering of snow. I'm hoping to update this article with some catch reports soon!

Malleny Anglers have helped to jointly fund works to improve the narrow bridge at the east of the fishery. Balerno Ramblers approached Malleny Angling last year to seek assistant funding these important works. Along with MAA, other organisations and some private individual donors the work was funded and completed earlier this year. The bridge was very narrow before with a steep unguarded drop into the burn on one side. The improvements have more than doubled the width of the crossing and added a railing.

Many of the volunteer bailiffs donated their fuel mileage allowance (paid to bailiffs to ensure they are not left out of pocket when traveling to the fishery). The funds were offered to several local charitable organisations including the Friends of the Pentlands.

Malleny Angling are keen to support local organisations to improve facilities and opportunities in and around the fishery for all.