Close Season

Harlaw and Threipmuir are now closed, no fishing is allowed on either reservoir. We open again on the 1st of April 2020.

Balerno Village Trust are seeking opinion on the visitor experience and use of the Harlaw House visitor centre. The Trust are looking into the possibility of leasing Harlaw House from the council for community benefit. Read more about the proposals and complete the survey. The survey covers various aspects of potential use, including cafe facilities and mentions angling.

Survey : What would you like to see at Harlaw House Visitor Centre?


This year we will be trialing selling permits online. To help cover increased stocking costs, the permit price is increasing to £25.

We absorbed a cost increase last year, but as feed and stock prices have continued to increase we need to reflect this change in the cost of permits. To help keep this increase to a minimum we are trialing selling permits directly on the website using the secure payment service PayPal. This means permits can be purchased on the day or up to a week in advance without the need for cash or trips to the post office. All our current outlets will continue to sell permits. Purchase an ePermit Online

Malleny Angling would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and Tight Lines for 2018.

April and fishing seems a long way off, but its still a great to walk around the reservoirs on a frosty morning. Time to make plans, tie flies and think about the coming season.

A Frozen Threipmuir Reservoir

Sun rising over a frozen Threipmuir reservoir, Black Hill, East & West Kip and Hare Hill.

Bailiff Jim McComb ventured out of the bothy to get some snaps of this impressive rainbow (weather not fish). If anyone finds a pot of gold around there, it's mine I dropped it last week. ;)  Fishing for brownies is over for the year, but there is all the more time to think about next year's fly patterns! Lee Currie's beautifully tied Fiery Threipmuir Dabbler.