Full Day Permit

from 8am Apr-Oct

Fish Limit
Additional under 16?
Fishing date

Evening Permit

from 5pm May-Aug

Fish Limit
Additional under 16?
Fishing date

You must visit the bailiff to sign in before fishing!

  • Buy your ePermit.

    Buy on the day or up to a week in advance. Select the fishing date and click the Buy Now button to be taken to PayPal's secure payment website. Enter your details and card information to pay us the fee. You don't need a PayPal account.
    • Full day - 3 fish limit - £20
    • Full day - catch and release - £15
    • Evening - 2 fish limit - £15 (from 5pm, May - Aug)
    • Evening - catch and release - £10 (from 5pm, May - Aug)
  • Keep (or print) your Email Receipt.

    Keep or print your email receipt from PayPal. You'll need to show this to the bailiff so either bring your phone with the email, or a print out. Our bailiff will also receive a corresponding notification of your ePermit.
  • Visit the Bailiff and Fish!

    On your selected fishing day present your receipt (the email confirmation or print out) to the duty bailiff. The duty bailiff will sign you into the day register and write you out a paper permit. You can find the Bailiff in the bothy, see Venue Information.
  • Complete Catch Return.

    Complete the catch return on the back of your permit and return it to the bailiff at the end of your fishing day to be entered into the monthly free permit draw!

  • You can also visit our Day Permits page to find other ways to buy a permit.

You can read about our Privacy, Terms and Conditions here.

ePermit holders must still visit the bailiff to validate their tickets before fishing and complete a catch return before leaving the fishery.

ePermits can be purchased online using a Paypal account, or credit/debit card. We don't have access to your card or payment information.