Closed Season! Harlaw and Threipmuir are now closed, no fishing is allowed on either reservoir. We open again on the 1st of April 2021.

It has been a mixed start to the 2016 season with the weather playing a big part in the fishing. Very cold winds and some rain have made conditions for fishing quite miserable. However, our membership and day permit anglers piled on the layers of clothing, soldiered on and made some memorable catches, the blue trout giving great value for money with their hard fighting runs and jumps well clear of the reservoir surface. One or two over-wintered rainbows have been taken and this season's stocked rainbows are of excellent quality, giving a good fight all the way to the net. The fly life on Harlaw was good in April with large hatches of buzzers coming off. This gave some sport on the dry fly with the rainbow buzzer and nymph taking many fish and proving to be an excellent pattern for Harlaw.

There will be stockings of both blue and rainbow trout in May to keep the fishing interesting through the month. The first day permit draw for a free days fishing at Harlaw Threipmuir was made on the 2nd May. The winner was day permit angler Alexander Forsyth from Falkirk and the winning permit was drawn by day permit angler Simon Skirving.

To enter the draw complete the catch return box on your day permit and return it to the bailiff or place it in the black box on the gate as you leave Harlaw and your permit will be included in the next draw which will take place on Wednesday 1 st June at approximately 9am outside Harlaw House. Good luck to all who enter.

Tight Lines,

Alan Holbrook