Closed Season! Harlaw and Threipmuir are now closed, no fishing is allowed on either reservoir. We open again on the 1st of April 2021.

One of our specimen rainbows, the photo doesn't do this fish justice!

We recently had a stocking of large rainbow trout to top up our existing head of bigger fish. These fish have been coming out in numbers over the last week and I've seen some very happy anglers around the banks. One day permit angler, fishing on a catch and release permit costing just £15, was almost shaking with excitement after his short afternoon session. He'd landed several fish and amongst them were two of our specimen rainbows!

Another angler, pictured above (sorry I lost the name), landed two large rainbows within the first 30 minutes of purchasing his evening catch and release permit (£10). Lets hope his wee lad will be a convert to the sport after helping to land and photograph his dad's trout.

Its been great to see anglers being incredibly gentle and unhurried in their approach to looking after these magnificent fish. The large rainbows are difficult to handle and can on times really fight hard. We ask that you return any of the large rainbows with particular care, ensuring they have time to recover and swim away strongly before being fully released. A net is very useful for resting a fish before release although the fish should be supported in an upright position and in clear water. If a fish does turn belly up please be very careful if you decide to try and reach the fish. The banks are very steep in places with hidden drops and soft edges below the water line.  We do love our trout, but keeping anglers safe on the banks is our primary concern.