Closed Season! Harlaw and Threipmuir are now closed, no fishing is allowed on either reservoir. We open again on the 1st of April 2021.

Despite the variable weather, most anglers at Harlaw are still enjoying excellent fishing with a high majority getting bag limits and returning several more fish. The fish are in superb condition with the average size of fish between 2.5 lb to 3 lb, with quite a number in the 5lb class being reported.

Autopsies on fish reveal a wide range of food items - mostly Mayfly nymph, buzzers, caddis larva and stickleback being the main items on the trout’s menu. This gives the angler a wide choice of flies to choose from. A small black and green lure, Viva, Damselfly nymph or yellow dancer all tied on standard size 10 hooks should be adequate. Many fish are being tempted to dry flies with the most successful being Mayfly, sedge, CDC and small muddler all being successful. Anglers fishing the Blob have also been accounting for many fish.

Harlaw holds big fish up to magnificent doubles and anglers should tackle up accordingly, 6 lb or up to 8 lb breaking strain nylon should be adequate.

The best time for fishing is when the water is quiet, early morning up to 11-12 noon and from 7 pm till dusk being the most successful times.

To ensure the excellent fishing continues stocking remains on a regular programme.

Anglers fishing without a valid permit will be asked to leave the water. All anglers purchasing permits are requested to read the rules of fishing to ensure their intended method is allowed, as the use of spinning tackle or bait fishing is not permitted.

A few anglers have been tenting overnight and are reminded that this requires two daily permits. Building of open fires is not permitted, as this carries a high risk of creating a forest fire.

It is of concern that the number of visitors to Harlaw are leaving rubbish. Please ensure rubbish is disposed of safely and that nylon is not carelessly disposed of at the bank side or in the water. Please respect our environment.

A range of permit options are available. Permits must be purchased in advance of fishing and proof of purchase is necessary to show when requested by the bailiff.

Robert Ross – Director, Malleny Angling Ltd