We've got some interesting developments for the 2019 trout season at Harlaw and Threipmuir, with the planned introduction of catch and release and evening permits, plus some other permit revisions.

We want to enable people to fish and encouraging a wider range of anglers into the sport and to the fishery. One of the main obstacles people are facing at the moment is cost. Its also one thing that we can relatively easily do something about. Unfortunately the cost of fishing has increased over the last few seasons, fuel costs, the cost of our stock, insurance and operating costs have all increased and look set to continue to rise. As a non-profit relying on volunteers for our club organisation and bailiffing needs its been difficult to offer different types of permits without the administration becoming too onerous. There is little we can do about the cost of our stocked fish, but we can charge differently for anglers who wish to return their catch.

In 2019 we are introducing a catch and release permit and an evening permit. There will be new terms and conditions around the limits of our 'take' permits and restrictions on when a evening permit can be purchased. I'll share this, and pricing information, over the next few weeks as plans are formalised and finalised. We hope that you will join us in 2019, we open on the 1st of April.

A frosty morning, this week at Harlaw.