We're happy to announce our new day permit prices for 2019.

In 2018 we had to increase our day permit price to £25 to cover the rising cost of our stock. Every year the cost of fish goes up, and we had kept prices level for sometime, but in 2018 we finally had to increase our fee.

In 2019 we still need to cover our costs, but we now have a more flexible way to do that and also reduce our basic day permit price. With a view to making fly fishing more accessible to existing and new anglers we are introducing the following permits, please note the same season applies (Apr-Oct or Sep for brownies):

  • Full day, £20, 3 fish.

    As before 8am to 11pm (or 1 hour after dusk, whichever is earlier), but now for a reduced price of £20. To balance the books the catch limit is now 3 fish (instead of 4).
  • Full day, £15, catch and release.

    A new permit to make fishing more affordable for those who do not wish to take fish. 8am to 11pm (or 1 hour after dusk, whichever is earlier) for £15. 
  • Evening, £15, 2 fish.

    A new permit. Fish in the evenings in May, June, July and August from 5pm. You can take 2 fish.
  • Evening, £10, catch and release.

    Our cheapest permit! Fish in the evenings in May, June, July and August from 5pm. You can't take any fish. 

If you take an under 16 for free, they now share your catch limit. Previously they had a catch limit of 2.

We look forwards to seeing you in 2019. We hope you can join us for a cast and maybe introduce someone new to the sport!

Questions? Answers...

  • Why only an evening permit? I want to fish in the morning.
    If you want to fish in the mornings you need to buy a full day permit. Our volunteer bailiff's have to cover a huge amount of bank over two waters. They need to be available to deal with anglers arriving and leaving. Our fishery is a public park and gets very busy. As our bailiffs are all volunteers we thought it was unfair to expect them to police anglers who should have left after their session ended. This way at the close of the day, everyone leaves.
  • Catch and release? Should be free!
    That would be nice, but the reality is that released fish still sometimes die and we still have overheads, insurance etc.
  • I used to be able to take 4 fish, why is it 3 now?
    Fish have got more expensive, but the overwhelming feedback we have received from surveying our anglers and our potential anglers is that £25 is too much. We can still balance the books with the new price/limit.
  • Kids used to get a 2 fish limit now its 0. Why?
    Before if an adult and child took 6 fish between them we were really running in the red and at times it has been abused. One of our goals is to encourage new and young anglers into the sport. Stocking the freezer is not our mission here, but providing great sport at a fair price is. You can now bring a child and both fish for the evening for as little as £10. Imagine taking a child fishing and getting them into their first hard fighting rainbow!
  • Evening isn't very long in May, compared to June!
    Well that's why we decided on May to August. We're doing our best and we always listen to your comments and feedback so we can adjust in 2020 if needed.
  • How are you going to do all this on those paper permits you sell?
    Glad you asked. We've got new style permits for 2019. To speed up the check-in process. Anglers will now fill in a single short form. If you arrive in a group, you can all fill in your permits simultaneously, instead of having to wait for the bailiff to write out all the info on the permit, then on the permit stub, then on the sign in sheet. We hope this will make it much quicker to be away and fishing. If you buy your permit online, or at the post office or tackle shop then you bring your proof of purchase along to the bothy instead of cash.