Another season, another month, another winner! The prize draw box has been dusted off and filled up with all the catch returns from April. In the photo you can see bailiff, Les Williams, is taking the picking duties pretty seriously whilst duty bailiff, Nigel Duncan, holds the box single handed! The winner is Mr Hamilton, permit number 0147. Mr Hamilton has won an all day catch and release permit worth £15. On his visit in late April he returned 8 fish, so I'm sure he'll be keen to come back.

Visiting the bailiff before and after fishing and completing a catch return is compulsory, and if that's not incentive enough, every completed catch return - even a blank - stands a chance of winning a free permit.

15th to 30th April 2019

Rainbow/Blue trout : taken 230 : returned 350 : total 580

Brown trout : taken 7 : returned 237 : total 244

Total fish caught : 824

Total number of anglers: 306

The numbers are as accurate as possible, all anglers must complete a catch return, but sometimes there are errors or omissions.

Great returns here. That is an average of 2.7 fish per angler per visit. The weather has been up and down, cooler days have produced, generally, less fish. Anecdotal feedback suggests lots of fish still falling to lures. 

I'll be posting catch returns this year as I receive them from our general secretary.

1st to 14th April 2019

Rainbow/Blue trout : taken 154 : returned 294 : total 448

Brown trout : taken 2 : returned 24 : total 26

Total fish caught : 474

Total number of anglers: 309

The numbers are as accurate as possible, all anglers must complete a catch return, but sometimes there are errors or omissions.

Robert Ross sent me this picture of a super 8lb rainbow trout he caught on opening day, 1st April 2019. This is almost certainly one of the large fish stocked in June 2018. Although we have snow again today, the first couple of days of the season have been very productive with lots of anglers taking multiple fish.  

Robert was fishing a 7 weight sink tip line, a tapered leader, 6lb tippet and two size 10 flies. On the top dropper a gold head viva and on the point a black hot head dancer. The fish took the black hot head dancer on a slow retrieve, about 3 to 5 feet deep. Fish were also seen taking small black buzzers on the surface.

Some great captures on Harlaw to start us off in 2019!

There have been a couple of pre-season stockings which meant there were plenty of fish to be caught on opening day. We had 40+ anglers on the banks at one time or another through the day, and lots of fish landed.

A nice surprise was three of the large trout we stocked last June were caught, the best of 8lb. The picture shows Ronnie Robinson with a fine 6lb Rainbow trout. So despite the winter, high water temperatures and low water levels last summer plenty of fish have survived. Plenty of chances of another big fish or two over the coming season!

We stock the fishery right through the season.