These are unprecedented and unpredictable times which alter our focus and perspective on how we work and use our recreational time.

Coronavirus represents a serious risk to everyone, but in particular the elderly and more vulnerable in our society.

MA Ltd offers trout fishing at Harlaw and Threipmuir Reservoirs, presenting a limited means of escape into the open air. This should not allow complacency to feature, as the virus can be spread by surface contact or droplets in the air from an infected person.

MA Ltd recognises that social distancing, even in open air, is necessary and seriously advises all anglers to follow the Government guidelines in full, as and when implemented.

We must all look out for each other and recognise that everyone has a key part to play, which may involve self-sacrifice of personal freedom for a period of time.

MA Ltd is unable to implement any formal instruction other than of an operational basis that is applicable only to MA Ltd, but supporting in full any and all rules or restrictions implemented by local or national Government.

Robert Ross
Company Secretary
19th March 2020

Please also see Changes to normal operating procedures | Signs to be displayed at the Reservoirs