A fine Threipmuir brown trout caught this week, picture Bob Armstrong.

The fishing at Harlaw and Threipmuir in the past week started well then, as the warm weather and bright sun conditions arrived, fishing became more challenging. The high barometric pressure pushed the fish down during the warm part of the day. The water temperature is also high which depletes oxygen in the water and makes the fish less active. The latter part of the week saw a complete reversal of weather conditions with heavy rain and strong winds which presented the anglers with a new challenge but the cooler conditions started to improve the fishing.

Despite the variable weather, most anglers at Harlaw are still enjoying excellent fishing with a high majority getting bag limits and returning several more fish. The fish are in superb condition with the average size of fish between 2.5 lb to 3 lb, with quite a number in the 5lb class being reported.

Autopsies on fish reveal a wide range of food items - mostly Mayfly nymph, buzzers, caddis larva and stickleback being the main items on the trout’s menu. This gives the angler a wide choice of flies to choose from. A small black and green lure, Viva, Damselfly nymph or yellow dancer all tied on standard size 10 hooks should be adequate. Many fish are being tempted to dry flies with the most successful being Mayfly, sedge, CDC and small muddler all being successful. Anglers fishing the Blob have also been accounting for many fish.

There is a lot of non-angling related litter  at the moment, discarded BBQs, camping gear, alcohol containers. As soon as we can Malleny Angling will resume doing our bit for the park, keeping the banks clean and safe for all who use the reservoirs, but in the mean time, please do what you can by ensuring you leave the bank clean and tidy.

There has been a noticeable increase in the the amount of discarded nylon on the banks and this can only be attributed to anglers, it may seem insignificant compared to the other litter problems, but its something that can be easily avoided with a little care. We are not conducting our usual organised and ad hoc litter picking sessions due to COVID, so its even more important that everyone is vigilant and ensures any dropped line is collected. 

There are bins at both car parks.

Our volunteer bailiffs have been particularly active over the last few weeks. We've seen an increase in the number of people fishing unlawfully. We work hard to protect the fishing for our members and permit holders and we receive regular support from The Regional Park and Edinburgh Police. Don't risk arrest and prosecution, make sure to fish with a permit in the manner and at the times allowed. Permits start at just £10 and an under 16 year old can fish for free with a paying adult. We ask that you fish considerately and abide by our rules. We are a non profit club operated by volunteers and all the money we make is reinvested directly into the fishery.

I am pleased to inform you that fishing at Harlaw Reservoir and the area of bank at Threipmuir controlled by Malleny Angling Ltd will open on the 29th May.

This has been a difficult time for all of us and in particular for those who may have lost a loved one or friend to COVID-19. My condolences to those who have incurred a loss.

The battle against COVID-19 is far from over and therefore restrictions still apply and must, for the good of all, be strictly maintained.

MA Ltd can only remain open for fishing if the guidelines are strictly followed by ALL, any deviation could result in a personal financial penalty or closure of our fishery.

Day Permits MUST be purchased in advance, as they are not available, as before at Harlaw. Fishing without a valid permit is illegal.